Thursday, May 31, 2007

Knocked out Cold

It was a hot spring day and it was tournament time for high school baseball. I was a sophmore, playing in my first varsity baseball tournament game. I can remember the night before, I couldn’t sleep, all I could think about was the big game. When game time had come, we were all pumped and ready to go. The game started out slow until we broke it open in the 5th inning. In the 6th inning we were tied and I was up with two runners on base. It was a curveball that I some how turned on and it hit out of the park, it was the greatest feeling ever. It looked like because of my homerun we were going to win the game for sure. The 7th inning had come and something happened that was tragic. We were up one run when the hit a ball to left field, our left fielder didn’t know where the fence was and ran strait into it. He couldn’t move and had to be wheeled off the field. We were all devastated not only because our teammate was hurt but also because we had lost the game. It was a play in baseball I had never wanted to see ever again.

The play I never wanted to see again struck my eyes once again. The other day I was watching the Reds play against the pirates. I was already kind of frustrated watching them because of how bad they had been doing. When a ball was hit to right center field. Ryan Freel and Norris Hopper both ran after the ball and collided on the warning track. Ryan Freel ended up smacking his head into the wall and was knocked out conscious. He laid there for a good 20 minutes until the ambulance came on the field and took him to the hospital. It was a horrible sight to see and a sight that I had never wanted to see again from high school, but was unfortunate enough to witness another.

Love Hate

In the article “I’m a Cincinnati Reds Fan, the author, who goes by the alias of ‘Passion of the Weiss,’ does an honorable job displaying not only his love, but his hate, for his favorite pro baseball team, The Cincinnati Reds.
This article criticizes the Cincinnati Reds, a major league baseball team that has a long history of mediocrity. Weiss displays his passion for the team and explains how he and other Reds’ fans like him are pained year in and year out by the team’s lack of success. Weiss has loved the team for a great part of his life and will continue to do so no matter how bad they perform on the field. He has a real love-hate relationship with his favorite team and he “lives and dies” with every play of every season. Fortunately, some seventeen years ago, he was completely satisfied with his favorite team when they won the baseball championship, but other than that one year, he has suffered as a sports fan.
The essay is very sarcastic and written, as the title suggests, in request of pity from the reader. Weiss, on more than a few occasions, makes sarcastic jokes about the Reds, including when he says the Reds will be mathematically eliminated from making the playoffs in April, which is impossible. He calls his favorite team losers and states that he would have been better off being run over by a bus than be a Reds fan all his life.
Weiss is very effective is relaying his feelings for the Reds. It is very obvious that he cares very much for the team. He knows the team’s history thoroughly and has obviously been a fan for a long period of time, which according to him is a bad thing. Weiss tells how he first became a fan as a young kid growing up in LA, hundreds of miles from Cincinnati, because his T-ball team was called the Reds. This is very interesting and helps the reader relate to Weiss. It is also unique because most young boys just root for the team their father roots for.
Weiss calls the time the Reds won the World Series the greatest time of his life, but then immediately goes back to talking about negatives of the team including bad coaches like the famous Pete Rose, crazy owners such as Marge Schott, and injury prone players like the heralded Ken Griffey Jr . Weiss writes that when the Reds got Griffey, he produce on the field Examples such as these especially relate to other Reds fans, such as me , because I can attest that when Griffey came to Cincinnati, I was as happy as one can get, but the happiness didn’t last long.
Weiss is very clear in his essay. He simply describes how and why he became such a huge Reds’ fan, and then shows why the team he loves is also the team he hates. He provides an adequate amount of examples to show why he is not crazy for being so frustrated with the Reds. Weiss starts the essay with a very lonely tone and then changes to negative and sarcastic and yet ends the essay being positive and hopeful for the future of his favorite team. This shows what a true fan he is. The Reds have been a below average team for years, and still Weiss is in hope that this year they will turn things around. This brings almost a funny reaction to the essay because it makes the reader wonder how this man can talk so badly about this team, yet remain in high hopes for the upcoming season. If you are a Reds’ fan like me, you completely realize how he can be this way because it is so easy to love a pro sports team and then hate them the next minute.
Weiss isn’t positive for long though, as even in the closing lines of his essay, he pokes fun at the current team because one of their best pitchers is a want-to-be musician who records cover albums. The sarcasm is very heavy in this article and gives the article a very light and pleasant read to all people, whether they like the Reds or not. One bad thing about Weiss’ constant use of “inside jokes” is people who don’t know the Reds very well will be confused when reading this article and may not continue to read because they don’t see the humor in his stories. This article really is written for Reds fans and informed sports fans only.
Passion of the Weiss has written a very funny sarcastic article about the Reds. I completely agree with everything he says in the essay and I share in his pain. He is even luckier than me because I was too young to remember the 1990 World Series. The overall point of the article is to let Reds fans out there know they are not alone in their anger for the constant failure of the Reds and to make sure all Reds fans keep a positive mind no matter how long it has been since a winning season. Weiss has done a great job writing this article.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why to write about a Major League Baseball team?

I chose my blog subject to be the Cincinnati Reds because it really brought me close to a lot of things and people. Some would probably wonder how would a major league baseball team bring someone close to people. It really did though, I can remember going to my first game with my grandfather and dad. We had a lot of experiences on the way good and bad. It was an incredible bonding experience for us. To this day every time we get together, the first subject we talk about is the Reds. We talk about everything about them, there record, trade talks, and hopefully making the playoffs.

Why to reed my blogs?

I really hope people really get a chance to sit down and read over some of my blogs. I have some life changing experiences listed under some of my blogs. My cousin is a huge baseball fan and is having a baby in the next couple weeks. I sent him my link to my blogs and he said the first thing he wants to do when his kid gets old enough if its a boy is to take him and his dad to a baseball game. He said he really wants to get a good connection like that with his son. But overall I hope people read this and do the same. Theres nothing like taking a kid to a ball game for a day and having a life changing experience after that.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Its that time of the year, the big show down between the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds. Every Indians and Reds fans cant wait for this day through out the year, each team has ran their mouth about how the other team sucks and that they're the only real team in the buckeye state. If you ask me im sick of hearing ignorant Indians fans there mouths, especially Jeff Butcher. The Indians are 26-19 all time against the Red Legs, but, I personally dont care about the past. All I care about is getting the sweep this weekend. Anything can happen at anytime during interleague play. Yes, the Reds are'nt having a good season at all and the Indians have the best home record in baseball. I still have faith in my team though, Travis Hafner and the Indians will choke. Im sure we'll see stupid Indians fans giving Ken Griffey Jr. crap and saying he's all washed up and he gets hurt to often. My prediction is Griffey Jr. hiting a game winning homerun in the opening game tonite to put the Indians in their place.

Friday, May 11, 2007


In 1999 the Tampa Bay Devil Rays drafted the best player in the Major League Baseball Draft, Josh Hamilton. Josh was an amazing outfielder and hitter that had no problems in the past. Josh was living a new life that he had only dreamed before. After being the 1st pick in the draft Josh got a monster-signing bonus and Josh had no idea what to do with all his money. Unfortunately Josh decided to spend his money on the WRONG things. Josh was dropped from the ball club for drug abuse. He was separated from his wife and kid for a short amount of time because all josh cared about is getting into the hardcore drugs. He wouldn't sleep for days; he would keep his high going for as long as possible. Josh was one the verge of killing himself, until one night when he was all cracked out went to his grandmother’s house to be saved. Josh's grandmother set him strait and Josh has been sober since. Now if you were a Major League Ball Club would you invest in a player like Josh Hamilton for your team?

Top Reasons To want Josh Hamilton On Your Team:

1.Before Josh got into serious drugs and tattooing every day he was a HELL of a ball player. Josh had one of the smoothest swings that scouts had seen in years. Not only could he hit but also could steal bases. Josh would also be an outstanding leader after all he’s been through.

2.When Josh straitened his life up, he spent many of days and even a few years at rehab centers. He was willing to do what ever it takes to get his life back and to be back with his wife and kid.

3.If you think about it why not take a risk on a kid that had problems, I mean he’s them all corrected and has gotten help. It would look good for your ball club to have a story like that. Think about it headline news DRUG STORY WITH JOSH HAMILTON NOW MVP OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL AFTER REHAB. It would be a big publicity stunt for the team even.

Now I myself would pick Josh up in a second. I know whats it like to want a second chance. When I was a sophomore in high school I was at a party with drinking and got introuble. I had to sit out five games of the season but, my coaches gave me another shot after that and I didn’t let them down. Which is exactly what Josh is doing now and fortunately enough the right team decided to pick him up, THE CINCINNATI REDS!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Big Trade

Everyone has a player when growing up that they idolize. Most of the time that player comes from they’re favorite team and then one players that’s just a national favorite. My favorite player that I idolized was Barry Larkin, I loved watching him play day in and day out at shortstop for the Reds. Now my player that I also idolized from another team was Ken Griffey Jr., when he was in his prime he was a player that everyone loved to watch.

I enjoyed watching Barry and Ken but, it was hard watching them both when they played at the same time. I remember sitting in class and looking at ESPN when I saw that there were trade rumors about Griffey Jr. coming to Cincinnati. When I first saw this I didn’t this it was possible that I could get this lucky, having my two favorite players on the same team. A few weeks had passed by and nothing was said about it anymore. I was starting to get bummed out about it all, until I got a call from my dad saying did you hear the big news. The Reds had just traded Brett Tomko and Mike Cameron for Ken Griffey Jr. to come to the Reds. I was in shock and was the happiest man alive. Since Griffey has came to the Reds he’s had some injuries ;but, I can feel this year will be his break out year.

Friday, April 27, 2007


To most sports fans theirs nothing better than your favorite team winning the championship. The worst part about loving a team is when you haven’t won the championship or even been to the championship game in 17 years. It’s getting harder to think about as every season goes by and we still have nothing to show for it. The Reds haven’t been to the World Series since 1990, when they beat the Oakland A’s. In 1990 the Reds had a team that went down in baseball history, they were nicknamed the Big Red Machine. The team was filled with many hall of famers and greats of the game.

Since then the Reds haven’t even came close to getting back to the big game. At the beginning of each year I just sit and hope that this is the year we’ll make it back to the ”ship”, but at the end of each season I end in disappointment. Seeing franchises that have only been in the league, like the diamondbacks win the World Series right away is just miserable to think about. We try and build our team for years making trades and getting free agents to get back to the World Series. We make deals that are long term and take risks on players to perform at their best and none of that have done any good since 1990. When you have nothing to show for all the money your paying your players, what’s the point? You would think you might as well get some no namer's that are just as good and pay them less money. I pray every night that this will be the year for the Red’s, lets just hope it finally is and we end the DROUGHT.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It was a hot, sunny day in the middle of June. I was seven years old, and riding in the car with my dad and grandpa. We were on our way to the Cincinnati Reds vs. San Francisco Giants game. My interest for the sport of baseball was in its early stages. This was the first game that I had ever been to, and it was also the game that I decided on my favorite team.
The game was scheduled to start at 1:05pm. Because of this, we left the house around 9:00am to pick up my grandpa. He lives in Mount Sterling, so he was right on the way to Cincinnati. When we arrived to pick him up, he had breakfast waiting for us. The first thing he said to me when I walked in to greet him was that nobody could never go to a Major League Baseball game with an empty stomach. On the table waiting for us, was a huge plate with eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and a tall glass of orange juice. My grandpa knew that this was my favorite breakfast. After we were finished eating, it was off to the game with the two most influential men in my life.
The car ride there was even enjoyable. It was full of great conversation between my father, grandpa, and I. To pass time, we even played a game of “I spy.” This was my favorite game to play during trips. Everything was going smoothly on the drive down until the car started to shake and we noticed we had a flat tire. When we pulled the car over all I could smell was rubber. The tire had completely blown out and we were riding on the rim. Luckily, we noticed it right when it happened, and the rim wasn’t bent too bad. Getting this flat tire was actually a good thing and a memorable time. My grandpa worked for Chevrolet his whole life and had me get out of the car to teach me how to change the tire. After our tire change and delay, we finally got back on the road again.
When we finally arrived in Cincinnati, the weather had made a drastic change and the sky was filled with rain clouds. The city was beautiful; it was the first time I had been out of Columbus. While pulling into the stadium, my grandpa was telling me about the many Reds fans tail gaiting in the parking lot. He informed me that this is where all the “die-hard” Reds fans spent their time before the games. Boy, was he right. Even with the rain clouds in the area, there were still many Reds fans in the area. They were all decked out in red clothes and face paint. The people there varied from young children to older men and women. This is what America’s past time is all about. These Cincinnati Reds fans were really a special group of fans. While at the tailgate party, I ate an enormous amount of chips and hot dogs. This is what my grandpa said you were supposed to eat during baseball games. Ever since he told me this, I have made it a point to grab a hot dog and a bag of chips during each and every Cincinnati Reds baseball game. After we ate, it was time for the fans to line up outside the stadium. We walked into the stadium, and to my surprise we were sitting directly behind the dugout. It was time for the opening pitch.
It was almost like a dream come true sitting there. We were so close to the big leaguers watching them do their thing. The first player that I saw was Barry Larkin. He was signing autographs. My grandpa pulled a ball out of his pocket and told me to go down and try and get it signed. I was at the end of the line and the game was about to start so just when I started to walk back to my seat, I heard, “Hey kid I can get one more.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My grandpa told me that it didn’t surprise him a bit because he was known for being a classy ball player.
After the mayor of Cincinnati threw out the first pitch the game was under way. Starting for the Reds that day was John Smiley. I can remember him taking the mound and having a huge chew in the right side of his mouth. The game started out very boring; actually, it was a pitchers duel. My grandpa told me that these games always turn into nail biters at the end. At the end of the 6th inning the score was tied 0-0 and no team had come close to getting anything going. They did the 7th inning stretch, and I can remember seeing the whole stadium stand up and start singing. I had never heard or been told of this before the game.
In the 8th inning a Giants player hit a foul ball two rows above us. The ball struck a woman in the side of the head. I can remember looking up for the ball and seeing her get hit. She had a bump the size of a baseball instantly. The medics had to come because the ball had given the lady a concussion. I never knew sitting and watching a baseball game could be so dangerous. When the game resumed it was the bottom of the 9th and Barry Larkin was up to the plate. Now, he was my new favorite player because he had signed my ball; so one could bet I was up screaming for him. The count was 3-1 when he got a fastball that he hit to the left field foul post. It was almost a perfect ending seeing my new favorite player hit a walk off homerun.
After the homerun they had fireworks to celebrate the victory. I can remember hearing the first one go off and I thought it was a gun shot. When leaving the game my grandpa put his arm around me and told me this was one of the best games he had ever been to and that he was glad that I had the chance to be there with him. Ever since that day trip to the ball field, I will never support any other team besides the Cincinnati Reds.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Extra Innings

The season was going great, we were in first place and it didn't look like anyone could touch us. We played the Diamondbacks in a night game, so i went to the carryout and picked up some supplies and headed over to my boys house. The game was going good we were up 3-1 and didnt look like there was a chance of us blowing the game. I headed home in the 7th because I had to finish up my hw for the next day, now i normally never miss any parts of the game but i thought it was a done deal. I got a call from my buddy 30 min later and we had blown it and it had gone into extra innings. I drove back to watch 3 extra innings and to see the Diamondbacks hit a home run in the 12th to win the game. If my Reds could have got a dam bunt down they would have won the game with eas.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reds Opener 2007

This week was my favorite week out of the year, opening day for Major League Baseball. There’s nothing like watching the teams and seeing how they’re off-season trades and changes end up panning out for them. I actually couldn’t catch my favorite team the Reds games, because I was stuck in class. The Reds are starting out slow so far. They had a great opening day against the stinky Cubs and won 5-1, very solid start. The game that I did get to watch wasn’t so pretty; we lost to the Chicago Cubs, which I must say is the worst baseball team in the league. As much as I hate seeing the Reds loose, the Cubs starting pitcher is on my fantasy team so it worked out I guess. Final game of the series was a nail biter but the Reds pulled it off by hitting a homerun in the 8th to cap a 5-2 victory and to win the series.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a huge Cincinnati Reds fan. I can even remember the Big Red Machine days, back in the 1990’s. I was only 3 years old at the time but still can remember watching the games with my family. Going to the ball park and seeing all the great reds players from the past was a time ill never forget. It was like Christmas every time I went to a game.
I’ve kept up with the reds in all of their highs and lows. The first thing I do when I get on the computer each day is check the reds schedule and stats. Some would probably say that I need to get a life but what I can say I love my team. Every year I cant wait for draft day to see who our top new prospect will be and when we get trades that will help us out.
The one thing that I cant stand that happened to the reds organization, is how Pete Rose cant get into the hall of fame. I understand that he gambled on games and that is against the rules for Major League Baseball but, after all his accomplishments how can they not let him in. He was my idol when I was growing up playing baseball, he always hustled on and off the field and played every play and at bat like it was his last. The thing that is really wrong is that Barry Bonds will get in the Hall of Fame probably the first time he’s eligible. Barry Bonds is going to break the all time home run record but, he was caught cheating by using steroids. Now I don’t see how you let someone in that cheats for them to perform better than some one who gambles when they’re just coaching and not playing.