Friday, April 27, 2007


To most sports fans theirs nothing better than your favorite team winning the championship. The worst part about loving a team is when you haven’t won the championship or even been to the championship game in 17 years. It’s getting harder to think about as every season goes by and we still have nothing to show for it. The Reds haven’t been to the World Series since 1990, when they beat the Oakland A’s. In 1990 the Reds had a team that went down in baseball history, they were nicknamed the Big Red Machine. The team was filled with many hall of famers and greats of the game.

Since then the Reds haven’t even came close to getting back to the big game. At the beginning of each year I just sit and hope that this is the year we’ll make it back to the ”ship”, but at the end of each season I end in disappointment. Seeing franchises that have only been in the league, like the diamondbacks win the World Series right away is just miserable to think about. We try and build our team for years making trades and getting free agents to get back to the World Series. We make deals that are long term and take risks on players to perform at their best and none of that have done any good since 1990. When you have nothing to show for all the money your paying your players, what’s the point? You would think you might as well get some no namer's that are just as good and pay them less money. I pray every night that this will be the year for the Red’s, lets just hope it finally is and we end the DROUGHT.


princedrake said...

I like your comments and agree that rooting for the reds in recent years has been an excercise in futility. The reasons go beyond inept management (which has certainly played a part. Baseball has been broken for years. Free agency in the 80's was the first nail in the coffin, but REAL problem remains the lack of an NFL style salary cap and the huge disparity between the large and small market clubs. Until this is fixed (and I doubt that it will) baseball will never have anything resembling parity and will continute to lag in popularity as a sport (unless you're a yankees or Red Sox fan).

One more thing, the 1990 club was not the Big Red Machine... you'll have to go back to those awesome teams of the 1970's to find the origins of that name - Rose, Bench, Foster, Griffey, Seaver, Concepcion, Morgan, etc etc... now those were the days!
But hey, 1990 did have a bit of it's own personality with the Nasty Boys. I still believe that Rob Dibble in his prime and when he was "on" was the most dominant, scary closer there was.

Go Reds!

Derek John Boczkowski said...


I was going to correct you about the Big Red Machine label (did you just write the wrong year?), but Princedrake (welcome!) beat me to it. Just a couple minor notes: capitalize Diamondbacks, and check your use of “theirs/there’s” in the first paragraph. Oh, and put a space between your paragraphs. And, for real fanaticism, try being a fan of a ball club that hasn’t been to the big one since the mid-forties.