Friday, May 11, 2007


In 1999 the Tampa Bay Devil Rays drafted the best player in the Major League Baseball Draft, Josh Hamilton. Josh was an amazing outfielder and hitter that had no problems in the past. Josh was living a new life that he had only dreamed before. After being the 1st pick in the draft Josh got a monster-signing bonus and Josh had no idea what to do with all his money. Unfortunately Josh decided to spend his money on the WRONG things. Josh was dropped from the ball club for drug abuse. He was separated from his wife and kid for a short amount of time because all josh cared about is getting into the hardcore drugs. He wouldn't sleep for days; he would keep his high going for as long as possible. Josh was one the verge of killing himself, until one night when he was all cracked out went to his grandmother’s house to be saved. Josh's grandmother set him strait and Josh has been sober since. Now if you were a Major League Ball Club would you invest in a player like Josh Hamilton for your team?

Top Reasons To want Josh Hamilton On Your Team:

1.Before Josh got into serious drugs and tattooing every day he was a HELL of a ball player. Josh had one of the smoothest swings that scouts had seen in years. Not only could he hit but also could steal bases. Josh would also be an outstanding leader after all he’s been through.

2.When Josh straitened his life up, he spent many of days and even a few years at rehab centers. He was willing to do what ever it takes to get his life back and to be back with his wife and kid.

3.If you think about it why not take a risk on a kid that had problems, I mean he’s them all corrected and has gotten help. It would look good for your ball club to have a story like that. Think about it headline news DRUG STORY WITH JOSH HAMILTON NOW MVP OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL AFTER REHAB. It would be a big publicity stunt for the team even.

Now I myself would pick Josh up in a second. I know whats it like to want a second chance. When I was a sophomore in high school I was at a party with drinking and got introuble. I had to sit out five games of the season but, my coaches gave me another shot after that and I didn’t let them down. Which is exactly what Josh is doing now and fortunately enough the right team decided to pick him up, THE CINCINNATI REDS!


Derek John Boczkowski said...


I like the post overall, a lot of meat here. So nice job. Keep that up. But you could stand to have a couple links in there (one is required). Perhaps one to a news story from Josh's troubled times and one from a recent game when he was the hero.

Also, "strait" is a narrow waterway. You mean to write "straight."

4/5 (no links--only thing missing)

Derek John Boczkowski said...

Incidentally, I hope Hamilton makes it. It would be a nice story for both him and the Reds.

Johnny Haiku said...

And now a poem:

"The Reds" (haiku)

nasty stain on state
degrade ohio each year--
tribe will win Series