Friday, May 25, 2007

Why to write about a Major League Baseball team?

I chose my blog subject to be the Cincinnati Reds because it really brought me close to a lot of things and people. Some would probably wonder how would a major league baseball team bring someone close to people. It really did though, I can remember going to my first game with my grandfather and dad. We had a lot of experiences on the way good and bad. It was an incredible bonding experience for us. To this day every time we get together, the first subject we talk about is the Reds. We talk about everything about them, there record, trade talks, and hopefully making the playoffs.

Why to reed my blogs?

I really hope people really get a chance to sit down and read over some of my blogs. I have some life changing experiences listed under some of my blogs. My cousin is a huge baseball fan and is having a baby in the next couple weeks. I sent him my link to my blogs and he said the first thing he wants to do when his kid gets old enough if its a boy is to take him and his dad to a baseball game. He said he really wants to get a good connection like that with his son. But overall I hope people read this and do the same. Theres nothing like taking a kid to a ball game for a day and having a life changing experience after that.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...


Okay, you really hit upon the notion of sports fandom and the opportunity it presents to be a shared experience with (particularly male) family members. Check your grammar in your questions; they are written oddly (and "read" is misspelled).