Thursday, May 31, 2007

Knocked out Cold

It was a hot spring day and it was tournament time for high school baseball. I was a sophmore, playing in my first varsity baseball tournament game. I can remember the night before, I couldn’t sleep, all I could think about was the big game. When game time had come, we were all pumped and ready to go. The game started out slow until we broke it open in the 5th inning. In the 6th inning we were tied and I was up with two runners on base. It was a curveball that I some how turned on and it hit out of the park, it was the greatest feeling ever. It looked like because of my homerun we were going to win the game for sure. The 7th inning had come and something happened that was tragic. We were up one run when the hit a ball to left field, our left fielder didn’t know where the fence was and ran strait into it. He couldn’t move and had to be wheeled off the field. We were all devastated not only because our teammate was hurt but also because we had lost the game. It was a play in baseball I had never wanted to see ever again.

The play I never wanted to see again struck my eyes once again. The other day I was watching the Reds play against the pirates. I was already kind of frustrated watching them because of how bad they had been doing. When a ball was hit to right center field. Ryan Freel and Norris Hopper both ran after the ball and collided on the warning track. Ryan Freel ended up smacking his head into the wall and was knocked out conscious. He laid there for a good 20 minutes until the ambulance came on the field and took him to the hospital. It was a horrible sight to see and a sight that I had never wanted to see again from high school, but was unfortunate enough to witness another.


Nadine said...

I really like reading your posts. I had never been to a major league baseball game until last week actually. My friend had gotten tickets and decided to take me and two other friends. It was a trip that all of us had a great time and was able to spend time together watching somethign that we all liked. We went to Cincinnati for the game so we all had to to talk, goof around and experience my first game with my freinds. Thats great that you were able to take something that they boys in your family like and use it as a way to get close and just have some guy bonding time!

I liked how you gave details about the different players that was nice for me considering I didnt know much about the players the only one i had known when we went to the game was Ken Griffey. It is very informational to those who dont know much about the reds but would maybe like to.

I think that your blog overall is a neat way for people to learn a little bit about you and why your such a fan of the reds and yet they learn about the reds all in the same blog. Im sure many people would be able to relate to your blog in a way of how you bonded with your grandpa and dad when going to this game. I think anyone hwo has had an experience like this it may not be a reds game but can say that trips help to create bonding and there all alot of fun!Good luck if you keep your blog. Im sure many people will enjoy reading it.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Nice detailed post. Well done.