Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Big Trade

Everyone has a player when growing up that they idolize. Most of the time that player comes from they’re favorite team and then one players that’s just a national favorite. My favorite player that I idolized was Barry Larkin, I loved watching him play day in and day out at shortstop for the Reds. Now my player that I also idolized from another team was Ken Griffey Jr., when he was in his prime he was a player that everyone loved to watch.

I enjoyed watching Barry and Ken but, it was hard watching them both when they played at the same time. I remember sitting in class and looking at ESPN when I saw that there were trade rumors about Griffey Jr. coming to Cincinnati. When I first saw this I didn’t this it was possible that I could get this lucky, having my two favorite players on the same team. A few weeks had passed by and nothing was said about it anymore. I was starting to get bummed out about it all, until I got a call from my dad saying did you hear the big news. The Reds had just traded Brett Tomko and Mike Cameron for Ken Griffey Jr. to come to the Reds. I was in shock and was the happiest man alive. Since Griffey has came to the Reds he’s had some injuries ;but, I can feel this year will be his break out year.

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A bit better, but you could get into more detail about why Larkin and Griffey were your favorite players.

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